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Jelly Nails: The Nail Trend That Has Us Feeling Super Nostalgic


Your first thoughts when you hear the word jelly? Here at Salon Gold, the general consensus was jelly and ice-cream at your first big kid’s birthday party and, second to that, the jelly sandals that rocked the 90’s and made a semi-successful come back in fashion for last year’s festival season. So, it’s no wonder that the word jelly has us feeling all kinds of nostalgia.

Luckily for us, emerging as the newest micro-trend on Instagram is jelly nails and we can see plenty of jelly-like inspiration, bringing us instantly back to our childhood. Or at least to the fun of the 90’s.

Jelly nails are all about bright jelly-like colours, clear acrylic length and most importantly, fun. Some Insta-ready nail technicians are adding glitter, ultra-reminiscent of our favourite jelly shoes, some are blocking colour and some are reaching lengths like we’ve never seen before.

Reported by Refinery 29, the trend appears to have been instigated by Kylie Jenner, who received over 4.5 million likes on her picture of the social media star and her friends’ manicures. Showcasing a hot pink jelly manicure with full, clear tips, the image may have sparked the colourful new look.

feelin girly ?

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So, how is the look achieved?

Refinery 29 spoke to WAH Nails’ senior nail tech, Hollie Anna, who said jelly nails are created with a colourful translucent acrylic, “You place a foil under the nail and we apply the acrylic on top to the shape and length you want.” Going further she says glitter or even sequins can be encapsulated within the acrylic to create a real 90’s vibe.

If you’re struggling to choose just one colour, opt for a multi-coloured effect with a different colour on every nail or choose just two and go half and half, like this effect with pink and orange paired up. These oval shaped nails aren’t quite so long, offering a slightly more wearable version of the trend that you might be more likely to get away with at the office without too many side glances!

Alternatively, go all out with the longest and sharpest jelly nails possible. It might not be the most practical manicure you’ve ever had, but it’s definitely on-trend. Also labelled glass nails, these are the ultimate in the clear acrylic manicures.

Tropical jelly icicles ?✨?

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Dubbed “Tropical jelly icicles” by this Instagram poster, luminous foil pieces are encapsulated within the acrylic for a subtle, yet sparkling effect. This is a great alternative for glitter or crystals with just a touch of added glam.

Keep it extra cool with multi-coloured jelly nails for a look reminiscent of jelly beans. The perfect colourful look to have you looking set for summer!

So, will you be rocking the jelly nails trend this summer? While the sun’s still out to play and everyone remains in a good mood, why not opt for nails that make you smile too? From bright orange to lime green, there’s a colour and shape for everyone. But the big question is – how do we choose!?

What do you make of the jelly nail trend? Love it or hate it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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