Is the next lockdown trend really extra colourful eyebrows?


Eyebrows are quickly becoming a big focus during lockdown, with the chance to experiment with multiple looks (that no one will see). We’ve noticed many a trend of matching your eyebrows to your hair dye, or even eyebrows to eye makeup, we’re loving the possibilities! Now, while this isn’t a new concept, we are loving the more bold and bright looks that are emerging. Check out below some of our favourite captures of the trend. 

Starting off our trend is none other than actress Michaela Coel, a bold choice but Michaela has more than enough confidence and beauty to pull off the look. The purple buzzcut and brows is a look we don’t see very often at all, but love 

Another, even bolder look by @kristenhancher satisfies our thirst for seeing blue incorporated into makeup. With a dyed buzzcut and dyed eyebrows we are loving the uniqueness of it all. Unfortunately not an everyday look we see out and about, we’re hoping this trend becomes vastly more popular

Opting for a more subtle look is @aiyanaskari, pairing a faded eyebrow look that isn’t so brash with a gorgeous red tone for the hair elevates the current trend to a beautiful level 

Another subtle look is from @destinyshae.mua, engaging in the eyebrow trend but not fully. The main spotlight is instead placed on the gorgeous, vibrant eyeshadow, all with complete sparkles! (also a quick shout-out to the incredible lip makeup, but the blog is about eyebrows so we must move on)

Bringing some sunshine to our winter days is @an0mie, with vibrant and drastic hair, the colour flows seamlessly into the eyebrows where the look is brought together. It has definitely brightened up our day!

Taking the trend just a little further with green contacts (we’re obsessed) @imjawhara opts to combine the eyebrow trend with eyelashes instead! The high impact look works perfectly combined with the the beautiful eye makeup, also accentuated with the cute earrings that we can’t stop looking at…?!

Our final pick to round off our favourites is @lilcarreiro, who pulled a gothic twist on the trend and combined hair, eyebrows, and eyeshadow makeup to perfectly bring alive the fantastic turquoise. Can we appreciate the eyebrow shape too please?! Props to lilcarreiro for managing to pull off such a bold look. 

Which has been your favourite look out of our picks? Will you experiment with this trend in the coming weeks? We’d love to see!

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