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Getting Creative: Our Favourite Quirky Nail Art Designs That You Need To See Right Now


Beauty trends can be weird and wonderful – sometimes in equal measure, sometimes a little more on the weird side. However, the odder the trend, often the more creative, and we’ll always give a thumbs up to the people in the industry who dare to try something new.

So, how daring would you go for your nails? Rhinestones? Marble? Eye art with real eyelash extensions added to the nail? No!?

Ok, so some of these nail art designs are totally wearable and some are more a showcase of talent. Either way, we love the creativity and these are some of our favourites, from both ends of the spectrum.

Eye’m not too sure about this…

This nail art chain, based in Russia, has got some serious talent on the books. This eye design may have been called a little creepy by some, but the skill behind the design is undeniable. With soft nude backdrop and extra-long extensions, would you dare to rock this eye-catching look?


From the same Instagram account, we couldn’t help but show you another of the creations these talented nail technicians have thought up. Inspired by the first lady of reality television, world-famous for her derriere, this Kim Kardashian design has us heading to the gym to do extra squats.

Fun nails design #allpowder #tonyly

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Manicure on fire (literally!)

Tony Ly from Tony’s Nails decided to bring something new to the table. We’ve seen flames on nails before, but real-life fire? We think this might be a first! Securing a match to one nail, surrounded by rhinestones we might add, and a lighting strip to another nail, Tony created a fully functional fire design for all your candle lighting needs. He received a mixed reaction on the comments, from “that is so epic” to “no comment” and even “that’s kinda ugly”, but we think blending nail art with a little science is pretty cool.

Crystal Swarovski refill coming soon Shop at Www.Missuamerica.com

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A girl’s best friend

As it turns out, Tony’s Nails is a genius when it comes to nail crystalling. One quick scroll down their Instagram feed provides a whole world of crystal inspiration and will leave you sighing at your own plain manicure. From heavy duty rhinestones to sparkling glitter, this nail tech knows how to handle a look for a special occasion. We’re obsessing over this stiletto shaped creation, using real Swarovski crystals and a whole lot of attitude.

Marble & matte

It may be slightly more “normal” but this marble nail art, by VinChen Tran is hugely impressive. Clearly a talent, dedicated to his craft, Vincent creates these stone inspired nail art designs, complete with stunning matte marble and sparkling gold embellishments. More designs from him include completely transparent nails, intricate geometric print designs and extra bright, neon creations.

Snowglobe nails

And finally, to round things off, a favourite from Christmas just past – it’s snowglobe nails! While we do think this has got to take some kind of talent to get just right (and they do look absolutely amazing!), having mini snowglobes on your nails just seems mighty impractical to us. Good luck trying to do even the most basic of things with these on.

Whether you dare to try them or not, we just know you’ll appreciate the talent and creativity of these nail art designs as much as we do. It’s certainly inspired us to opt for something special next time we’re at the salon.

What are your favourite quirky nail art designs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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