Instaception Make-Up: The Trend Challenging The Pressure To Be Picture Perfect


In recent times and especially on Instagram, we’ve started to see a very interesting shift to a more self-aware manner of posting imagery. Perhaps because influencers and bloggers have become more aware of how impressionable their fans can be or perhaps due to a more open and vocal generation, speaking out on topics, such as body shaming, a new trend has developed with a nod to this change.

Challenging the pressure of being “picture perfect” on social media, makeup artists are creating looks that really highlight the difference between their Instagram trend looks and their everyday faces, calling it “Instagram Vs Real Life”.

Started by major makeup extraordinaire, dom.skii from Australia, the idea is that you create a statement eye makeup look and encircle it with a hand drawn Instagram template, which includes everything from your handle to your profile picture. Most MUA’s have added these aspects in via Photoshop to make the image a little sharper. An image inside an image, this Insta-ception is beginning to really catch the attention of some major players in the industry and at the same time, offers a great message to their generation of avid fans.

In her version of the look, Abby Roberts, a 17 year old makeup artist from the UK, already with 106 thousand followers on her platform, creates a Photoshop-worthy eye makeup look in bright pinks and purples. With over 32 thousand likes on her image to date, we’d say her fans are loving the look.

Discussing her attempt at the Instagram Vs Real Life challenge, makeup artist, Slavina from Bulgaria captioned her image with “nothing is what it seems, so don’t beat yourself up over what you see on Instagram. You’re all beautiful”. A caption that seems to be the inspiration behind this trend.

The incredible and ultra-famous MUA, James Charles created his own version of the trend, proving he’s always one step ahead when it comes to upcoming makeup trends. Using a gorgeous selection of yellows, oranges, pinks and blues, James created a sharp white liner cut crease, taking the colours over the top of the eyeliner to create a complete look from brow to lower lash line. Bringing the white liner into the water line and filling out at the inner eye, he makes his eye pop as big as he possibly could, creating that Instagram-looking feature piece. Finishing with an exquisitely crafted Instagram screen surrounding the one painted eye, you could easily be forgiven if you had to double take at this one. Leaving the surrounding skin bare, James proves that what you see on the grid is not everyday life and makeup, but obviously, we think he’s gorgeous both ways!

This is a trend we love to see and encourage when it comes to makeup on social media. We love to see skilled artists showcasing their work and talents, but it’s also fantastic to see them speaking out to the younger generations and pointing out that “picture perfect” might not always be exactly as it seems.

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