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Iced Caramel Latte Hair: The Latest Bronde Hair Trend That’s Totally Wearable


2018 so far has been a year of rainbow colours. From the tides of ocean blue hair to the more subtle stylings reverse brunette balayage, we’ve seen a whole myriad of colours and tones taking over our Insta feeds. But the latest trend on the scene takes a more wearable approach to Instagram hair colour crazes, and we think it’s going to be perfect for summer. Time to introduce iced caramel latte hair – the newest shade of bronde that’s really taking our fancy.

First spotted on the scene by Allure, iced caramel latte hair was created by Los Angeles based stylist, Jessica Warbuton, who’s no stranger to the wild hair colour crazes of Instagram. Warbuton created a full balayage effect, using her client’s natural base level at the roots to make it so that any growth wouldn’t create an unnatural-looking divide as all-over colours can. To create different blondes at the ends, she toned with two separate formulas – a darker one at the base which melted into a lighter ash-toned one at the ends. The result? Gorgeous, multi-tonal colour that’s perfect for those looking for a super low maintenance hair colour.

The nice thing about the iced caramel latte look is that it’s so versatile and can be manipulated to blend with any client’s skin tone and natural hair colour. This take on the look, for instance, transitions from a slightly lighter, but still fairly deep, brunette all the way down to a sandy, sunkissed blonde at the tips, for a look that melts seamlessly.

Caramel Latte Swirl❤️

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Fancy going a touch darker? Why not opt for deeper, richer browns and transition into hues of reddish brown? This creates depth, which is then highlighted by the shades of golden brown in the mid-section, creating a look that’ll transition you from summer to autumn, no problem.

If you feel like the above might be a touch too dark, you can always try really lightening up the ends. This look opts starts out with dark roots, graduating down into strong, golden brown tones and finishing off with a flourish of golden blonde near the ends. Interspersed with a few more golden browns at the tips, this look is balayage at its finest.

Because iced caramel latte hair is so versatile, you can literally style it to suit your own tastes quite easily. Like the above look, this colour makes full use of a deep brown base, fading into golden brown tones to make a waterfall of colour that cascades down the hair with ease. The result? Stunning hair colour with bags of oomph!

Unlike the above looks, this particular colouring makes full use of the deep brown root tone and carries that the whole way through the hair, melting into a golden brown tone just past the mid-section and finishing off with a pop of golden blonde towards the tips. This look will particularly suit those looking for something really low maintenance that will still look fantastic as the roots grow out.

Whether you want to opt for a blonder look or fancy keeping things darker, iced caramel latte hair is definitely one of the most versatile colours we’ve seen in 2018 so far. We can bet this colour is going to be all over the beaches this summer – and we can’t wait!

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