How To Market Your Salon On Facebook


We quizzed Caroline Sanderson, the founder of Salon Jedi, about how to market your salon on facebook. Caroline has spent the past 10 years coaching salon professionals in how to grow their salon business by upgrading not just their marketing and business skills but upgrading their mindset. 

She’s renowned for turning pennies into lots of pounds through her Facebook marketing campaigns, so read on for part one of her three-part guide to how to market your salon on Facebook…

When marketing your salon on Facebook you really need to learn about Facebook Audiences to get the best from your marketing efforts.

Audience #1 Interest Based Audience. 

This is when you run a Facebook advert and tell Facebook who you want your advert put in front of. When creating your Facebook advert, Facebook asks you to choose who you want to see the advert by gender, age and geographical location, but the SALON GOLD is the fact you can choose by interests. 

For example, let’s say you are a Female Wedding hair Specialist based in Glasgow.

You would choose as your audience, women that live in Glasgow of a particular age group (one you think is more likely to be your ideal client). 

Then there’s a little box on Facebook while creating your ads that says interests and you can input, for example, the word wedding in there. Once you’ve done this you’ll see a suggestions link right next to the interests box and when you click this, the magic happens! It gives you suggestions of interests related to your word ‘Wedding’. It will give you people who were recently engaged 3-12 months ago. WOW!

Now you’re putting your Facebook advert right in front of your ideal target marketing for women who have announced an engagement on Facebook recently. You don’t want to waste your budget having Facebook put it in front of everyone, including married men, it really wouldn’t be the best use of budget.

In the next blog we will cover Custom Audiences.

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