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How to market your salon this Valentine’s Day


While it isn’t a bank holiday or even an event that everybody particularly enjoys, Valentine’s Day is still the first major date on the annual marketing calendar for businesses all over the world. It is also unique in the way it encourages people to not only show a little love but even take the odd risk along the way as they reveal their desires.

This combination of emotion and bravery makes it an ideal marketing opportunity for businesses to sell products and services and promote enticing short term deals. We’ve put together a few tips on how you can make the most of this annual opportunity, and never again miss out on the chance to make the most of Valentine’s Day in your salon.

Focus your offers on coming together

Essentially, Valentine’s Day is about couples. People are thinking about relationships, partnerships and love, whether those people are in long-term relationships or meeting for first dates. Furthermore, there are simple sales techniques that tap straight into this way of thinking.

While 50% of discounts and 2-for-1 offers might not be the most financially rewarding in the long term, they are great for getting people through the door that first time.

You can use such offers in so many different ways, too. A short-term, 2-for-1 offer could focus on either couples or even two singleton friends who have no intention of dating this Valentine’s Day. A 50% discount, while essentially the same, could be targeted to single people only ­– who, again, are completely indifferent to the celebration.

If you’re not prepared to lose quite so much money, though, what about a 3-for-2 service aimed at small groups or even couples and their ‘third wheel’? The point is, Valentine’s Day is the chance for you to have fun with your marketing and advertising, and even short-term discounts work because people become worried about missing out.

Encourage participation with a competition

If you’ve got a couple of social media channels, including Instagram, this is another simple platform for you to make use of this Valentine’s Day. Offer a prize, such as a free treatment, to the best pictures of your customers celebrating over Valentine’s weekend.

Regardless of whether they’re watching Netflix with a pizza, or dining at some swanky restaurant, getting them to engage with your salon on social media is as close to free advertising as you can hope to find.

Your customers – and anyone else who wants a chance to win the prize – could also share their best and worst Valentine’s Day stories, take “before” and “after” pictures showing the merits of your work before their big date, or even be bold enough to ask someone out online. All you have to do is start the conversation, stay involved in it and make sure people are following your channels and sharing your posts while they are involved.

A good Valentine’s Day competition online can generate significant interest in your business, and should get several more customers through your door, if you offer a small number of free services. Don’t neglect your existing customers, though; let them know as early as possible that you’re running a competition.

It’s estimated that repeat custom accounts for around 40% of sales, so your competition should appeal to these people, too – and maybe generate several more repeat customers as well.

Show a little love in your salon, too

Going to all of the above effort online won’t amount to much if you’re not backing it up inside, too. One of the problems that many businesses encounter when they focus on their digital presence is balancing it with how the business is perceived in the flesh. Thankfully, though, it’s relatively easy to take care of this on Valentine’s Day.

A poster displaying your Valentine’s promotional offers or competitions can be easily created, while a little extra pink décor inside the salon will keep your interior in touch with the celebration. Also, there won’t be many customers who’d be completely against a glass of rosé wine while you’re working.

By adding a little romantic flair to both your online and offline presence, you can show everybody who comes into contact with your salon that you’re ready to throw a little love their way.

People generally react very positively to that. Just like the Scrooges at Christmas, though, there will always be a number of Valentine’s Day humbugs who routinely switch off to advertising around about mid-February (and maybe you can grab their attention later in the year with something else).

However, for now, you’ll be communicating with the masses, and proving that your business is loving, communicative and understanding – positive traits that (almost) anybody will want to buy into.

Send a Valentine’s Day card

Okay, this isn’t exactly an original idea. You may even have some terrible memories of both sending and receiving them in the past. However, have you ever sent one specifically from your salon? This card doesn’t necessarily need to contain an offer or encourage online engagement, either. It could simply be a way for you to show that you appreciate your most regular customers.

Even if you’re lacking a few home addresses, you could always make a card, take a photo of it, and text it to everyone in your contacts book instead.

If you’re looking to make contacts with other local businesses, a quick stroll around the block with a small pile of Valentine’s Day cards could be the best way to let them know you’re in town, too. Sometimes, the simplest ideas can be the most effective, so don’t disregard this more traditional idea.

Many of these marketing and advertising techniques will also work at other times of the year, too, with just a small tweak of the theme to make. Hopefully, you’ll already be envisaging your salon’s next promotional campaign and how you could add your own creative flair to it.

Good luck, and enjoy Valentine’s Day, whatever you choose to do or have thrust upon you by an attentive other. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about your salon insurance cover –something you can rely on to be effective at all times of the year.

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