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Winter Warmers: The Hot Chocolate Eye Liner Trend That’s Perfect For The Colder Months


As Christmas trees pop up in cosy, fairy-lit windows, wreaths scatter the doors of your neighbours and present buying madness begins, so too, does hot chocolate season. If you’re doing it properly, it’s made from milk (no water choc here!), in a huge mug, covered in swirls of whipped cream and matches your eye make-up. Wait – what? Yes, this season, hot chocolate eyeliner is the real deal and it’s simply delicious!

This trend is the perfect combination of winter warmer and seasonal party cool. Essentially a wing eye (or cat eye, if you will), the hot chocolate eyeliner look blends stunning shades of rich brown with a crisp white, whipped cream topping. With the use of both liquid eyeliner and soft, powdery shadows, the make-up elite are standing out this season with this new bold eye effect.

Headlining the look is self-taught Insta-famous MUA, Donna Cherry. She posted the look to her fifty thousand followers, receiving thousands of likes and comments. For added boldness, Donna enhanced the look with an exaggerated cut crease effect and expert, ombre wing liner across the lash line.

The hot chocolate eye is all about the colour. The rich, deep brown, blended with soft taupe, neutral nudes and creams and then finished with a bold, silvery white shadow. If you’re feeling particularly daring or just extra Christmassy, try adding sparkle to the mix. It’s a bit like sprinkling a little edible glitter on your hot choc, and how could that ever be a bad thing?

For this version of the look, a simple beige wing works best. Again using a rich brown palette to create the ombre fade, work in brighter, gold shimmering shadows, not forgetting the almost white finishing touch, towards the inner eye. With a fearless deep brown, matte lip, it’s the perfect Christmas party make up look.

If you’re a more natural make-up lover, have no fear; there’s still a look for you. This incorporates the browns and white of the hot chocolate look, but with an ever so slightly more subtle approach.

Here, the cut crease is much more blended and the white tones have a larger coverage over the lid, making the overall look slightly lighter and more natural. However, bringing the richer, brown shadow more fully underneath the lower lash line, maintains that dramatic evening effect. This look is best completed with a set of extra long lashes and a chic nude lip.

Although discussing favourite chocolate brown palettes could easily jump start MUA war, we’ve selected some of the most commonly praised palettes by some of the biggest artists in the business, to inspire you to try this look:

If there’s any beauty trend we can tie in with Christmas this December, this one has to be worth a go. Heat up some milk, put way too much whipped cream on top, grab your mirror and see what you can do with this on-trend, hot chocolate make-up look.

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