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Stop Making Us Blush: The Heart-Shaped Blusher Make-Up Trend That’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day


Just in time for Valentine’s day, we find ourselves with a brand-new make-up trend, taking Instagram by storm. It’s pretty, cute and ever-so-slightly cartoonish, but whether you’re due for a hot date on the 14th or hitting the town with your Galentine’s, this is one trend that could not have been timed better.

Heart-shaped blusher is rocking the world of social media and make-up artists and amateurs alike are giving us the inspiration to try it out ourselves. No matter if you’re a super girly-girl or a dark and brooding rock chic, there is one day of the year where this look can go with any style.

There are two defined takes on this romantic make-up trend and that’s full hearts or negative space hearts. Let’s take a look at the ways to rock this beauty trend for date night.

a very rare picture of my bangs, sometimes I forget I have them ??‍♀️ – do any of you remember the heart blush I did ages ago? I tried recreating that and it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought!! so here’s a pink look that a lot of you requested! also enjoy the fact that I’m not looking at the camera in any of these pics ? — (I want to start off by apologizing on the lighting/quality of my makeup pictures. I’m horrible at technology/picture taking and my iPhone camera doesn’t like me ? I’m trying to improve tho!! I’m going to need a lot of patience…..lol) 1. allllright. fill in your brows per usual. I actually found that using a color 1-2 shades lighter than your eyebrow color makes them look a bit more natural when you’re filling in the front (I use black so then I would use a dark brown to blend). take a light mauve and blend this all over your upper and lower lid. 2. take a light shimmery pink, highlighting the first 1/2 of your lower lid. for the other 1/2, take a brown eyeliner pencil along your lashline blending this out with a deep red. 3. next up, place a hot pink color on the first 1/3 of your eye and blend this to the end, concentrate the same color on the last 1/3 of your eye and blend. using the same brown eyeliner from the lower lashline, tightline your eye and gently blend this a smidge past your lashline 4. follow your natural eye shape with a black eyeliner, curl lashes and add mascara!! ???

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Instagram starlet @_peach_pit_ uses an extra buffed out blusher look for the heart trend. With no sharp edges, it’s a more discreet version of the look, filling almost her entire cheek surface area. Starting with a layer of foundation and then blending the blusher with either a sponge or a brush, gives that flawless, clear skin finish.

In a similar effect, this version creates large heart shapes, almost filling the entire cheek, but this time with a bolder edge. Less blending through the edges gives a more defined overall look, it just depends how much you really want to confess your love to your date this V Day.

LIke the more defined version above, this version is quite strong on the blusher and the edges are much more defined. If you’re really looking to make a statement with your blusher this Valentine’s Day, this is probably the look you’re going to want to try.

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Now, the other version of the heart trend is negative space hearts – these are on a whole new level. Start with the application of your favourite blush, apply heavily and in a full circular shape throughout the entirety of the apple of your cheek. Next, decide if you need a stencil or if you trust your hand to be steady enough for a clean, smooth edge. Using your favourite, thickest and best coverage concealer, stencil or draw the heart shape over the blusher application, directly in the centre of the cheek. Voila! A Valentine’s make-up look that is sure to catch your dates attention.

If you want the negative space look, but want it to be a bit more subtle, this look could be more your style. Instead of all the extra steps, simply apply a heart-shaped stencil to your cheek, and apply your blusher liberally on top of it. It’s not quite as defined as the look above, but if you’re not interested in going all out, it could be just what you need to add a little interest to your look without going too far.

For a super cute version, with a little less punch, you could also try some miniature heart freckles for one day of the year. Like Instagram user _hi_da, create mini, freckle-sized hearts in multiple shades of pink and red for a sprinkle of romance and a minimal hint of this beauty trend. Ensure you style the rest of your make-up to match, with soft pink lids, a sweep of thick mascara and your favourite cherry lipstick. How could he ever resist?

So, no matter what you have planned this February on the most romantic day of the year (apparently), remember this little micro-trend and give it a go in the name of beauty. Whether you opt for giant cheek sized hearts or minute freckle sized details, if you can’t wear hearts on your face on Valentines, then when the heck can you?

What do you think of the heart-shaped blusher trend? A cute Valentine’s Day favourite or a big no-no? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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