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Spooks & Sparkles: Our Favourite Halloween Make-Up Looks To Help You Nail Your Costume This Year


Halloween is closely encroaching upon us, meaning we’re one step closer to witnessing the spectacle of amazing make-up looks on the night. But our favourite Instagram and YouTube make-up artists are already one step ahead of the curve, showcasing their ghoulish designs in the lead up to the big day. Forget sparingly using fake blood and some cat ears – these talented makeup artists are taking the Halloween looks to a new level, and daring to challenge what we thought was possible with make-up:


Scales & sparkle

Halloween doesn’t have to be all gore. It’s also a time to embrace the creativity, and use make-up to create the most imaginative things our heart desires. Let’s delve into the fantasy world of Karla Powell, who has transformed herself into a Medusa mermaid-hybrid that we absolutely love. Created with jewels and some chicken wire to give the effect of scaled skin, the look pulls together a beautiful blend of aqua tones that’ll have you looking out of this world. Our favourite thing about this look has to be the amazing lipstick that really brings the whole thing together.



Hair and make-up artist, @taylorwilkinsonhair, who’s currently undertaking the ‘31 days of Halloween’ challenge, has created this eye-opening (and not for the faint of heart!) zip eye make-up. A semi-realistic take on gore, this look is sure to turn heads on the big day, and would make a fantastic addition to any Halloween costume that needs to turn the gore levels up a notch.


Creepy crawlies

Insects are never appropriate for any occasion besides Halloween… sort of.

It seems to be a Halloween trend for make-up artists looking to embrace horrid creatures for their inspiration, and as long as they’re fake, we like it. Beauty artist, @jessieleebeauty, has realistically replicated our worst nightmare – spiders! While we like the look, hopefully Jessie isn’t looking to kiss anyone on the night – or they might be in for a bit of a fright!



Call me Khaleesi

One of the biggest hits on our TV screen this past decade, Game of Thrones has taken over almost every aspect of our lives, and this Halloween, you’re sure to be seeing plenty of Jon Snows and Daenerys Targaryens running around. In keeping with this theme, YouTuber, Carli Bybel, has even produced her own make-up tutorial so you too can master the look of the mother of dragons. Perfect for helping you hone your inner Khaleesi, dazzle your friends with a look befitting the next Queen of the Andals.


Going extreme

Okay, enough with the fairytale looks! These next two sinister looks are definitely not for the faint-hearted. Instagram user @sarahmudle, who specialises in FX make-up has created this wonderfully disgusting look she dubs “teeth living doll clay”. Using liquid latex, fake blood and paint Sarah was able to create this hyper realistic looking… thing. We can’t begin to imagine the amount of work that has gone into this.


A faceless illusion

Another FX make-up genius, Mimi Choi, has created a rather wonderful illusion where you can’t see her head. Appropriately named “faceless”, Mimi was able to create the illusion that there’s a hole where her face should be using some sneaky make-up mastery. Forget just using this look for Halloween – we need this look for one of our off days!


What’s your favourite Halloween make-up look? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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