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Ghosted Hair: The Latest Crazy Hair Colour Trend That’s Giving Us Chills


2018 has already been the year of jaw-dropping hair colour crazes – and we’re only one and a half months in! From the gorgeous, sultry tones of reverse brunette balayage hair, galactic stylings of ultra violet hair and even the rich, warming hues of butterbeer hair, we’ve been blessed with a whole myriad of hair colour trends to lust after. But hold onto your hats kids – a new hair colour trend has just landed and it’s giving us the chills!

Dubbed “ghosted hair”, this ultra-platinum blonde hue is a blend of graphite, quartz and oyster shades that hide beneath layers. These beautiful colours are then revealed as the hair moves and then, when it’s at a standstill again, they retreat back inside, as if they’d never even existed – hence the name. It was first spotted on the Instagram feed of legendary colourist Jason Hogan, of Josh Wood Atelier salon in London, and has been attracting a number of variations since its initial inception.

Speaking with Allure, Hogan says, “This process was originally created out of necessity. I need to give my straight-haired platinum and ice-blonde clients texture, interest and dimension without a classic lowlight (a big no-no on those blondes) and also maintain the condition and integrity of the hair.” In essence, what came out of this necessity was a colour-infusion so glorious, you’ll question whether you really saw it at all.

In order to create the look, he started the process using a lightener to decolour the hair, so he could begin with a fresh canvas on which to apply colour. Next, he layered through with acidic semi-permanent colours to create the effect, and used Olaplex – a bond multiplier that eliminates breakage from chemicals – during every stage of the colouring process to help maintain the hair’s condition, which is crucially important when dealing with shades like this in order to reduce hair damage.

Hogan told Allure, “The colour is best suited for someone who is a dark blonde to begin with. The process to lift them to a light blonde is a lot gentler and the regrowth is softer.” He also stresses that clients need to have patience, as the colouring process can take up to six hours, depending on the starting colour.

Missouri hairstylist, Sarai Speer, has created her own version of the “ghosted effect” herself, taking inspiration from Kenra Professionals new Frost collection, which includes colours that have a metallic, holographic and pastel feel.

She told Allure, “I wanted to create a look that would be shimmery and soft, but also have that ‘wow’ factor and fade beautifully to a platinum blonde. The ‘ghosted’ name fits for this look because the hair has to be as white as possible before these iridescent colours can be achieved.”

Using similar colours to Hogan’s, Speer’s uses dreamy colours on the surface of her colour, rather than hidden underneath. She lifted the hair colour to a level 10 (the lightest shade of blonde) by using crème lightener, Trionics enzyme developer and Olaplex. Once she had a toned canvas, she then used violet blue as the base and root colour, and followed this up with a mixture of green and blue frost.

Commenting on the rise of the ghosted hair trend, hair colourist, Jack Howard, from London, told Allure, “The trend for super light blonde hair has been strong for some time now. Metallic hues are all the rage along with vivids. The bolder these tones, the lighter the blonde needs to be. One of the reasons for the popularity of the colour is that you can have all the colours and change them up quickly if desired.”

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We think this colour is definitely one to keep an eye on in 2018. Watch this space!

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