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Be Fierce: The Geometric Cat Eye Look That’s Sure To Take Over Our Runways This Spring


In terms of classic, eternal make-up trends, the sweeping and romantic cat eye will always be a favourite. Elongating and widening the eye, the cat eye gives a sultry boost to any make-up look.

Also known as a wing, the cat eye style can be traced back to the Egyptians. Just think Cleopatra, and you can’t imagine her without statement wing eyeliner, right?

During the 1950’s and 60’s, the liquid liner cat eye made it mainstream, with stars such as Bridgette Bardot and Twiggy making it their signature look. Since then, the cat eye has changed and evolved with each season, but this year’s spring/summer look is one of our favourites so far.

From Fendi to Rochas, the spring/summer ‘18 runways were awash with a new vibe of cat eye. It was geometric, bold and with a definite focus on negative space and we see it becoming a huge look for make-up lovers this coming season.

We decided to take a closer look at some of our favourite looks from the runways.

Rochas spring/summer ’18

The Rochas runway look was all about negative space. With one clean line, the liner was overdrawn from the inner eye, through the crease, into a wide wing. The geometric look drew attention straight to the eye, without any heaviness. This cat eye requires serious concentration and a super steady hand, to ensure a clean, crisp line.

Fendi spring/summer ’18

Spring/summer Fendi was incredibly heavy. The inner wing was exaggerated and heavy into the tear duct, with no lower liner at all. Reappearing into a bold, thick, curved wing, this look makes you want to look again.

Ulla Johnson spring/summer ‘18

The Ulla Johnson make-up style for Spring/Summer was just as futuristic. With no liner at all on the lid, a bold, white liner was used underneath the lash line on the lower lid. Imperfect and disjointed, the bottom liner faded at the centre, much like the Fendi look. This is definitely a trend we can see emerging later this year.

Jill Stuart spring/summer ‘18

Like Ulla Johnson, the Jill Stuart beauty look used only bottom liner. Balancing the overgrown eyebrows, the thick, almost smudged bottom liner started way past the centre of the eye, and pulled out into a lower wing. Would you wear bottom liner alone?

John Galliano spring/summer ‘18

The John Galliano look drew comparisons to the Rochas cat eye. Overdrawn and used only on the top lid, through the crease, the main difference was the smudged effect, being almost messy. If you’re an amateur make-up artist, thinking about trying this look, this might be a slightly simpler place to start.

We on a Joan Smalls kick @ #tomfordss18

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Tom Ford spring/summer ’18

On Tom Ford’s catwalk, the flavour was a little different. Instead of the traditional cat eye look, Ford opted for edgy thumb-print eyeliner which we’re sure is going to be huge in 2018. The look combines a large, thick wing that almost totally disappears near the tear duct, with no lower liner. A bold, statement choice, we can’t wait to see how this influences the classic cat eye this year.

It’s a new take on the classic look and requires some seriously steady hands to perfect. So, will you be trying the new, ultramodern cat eye? We’re looking forward to seeing this look go wild on Instagram, in the very near future.

What do you make of the geometric cat eye trend? Firm favourite or fashion dud? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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