Rocking It: The Biggest Hair & Beauty Gemstone Trends of 2017


Sparkly, pretty and oh so feminine, gemstones make the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether they’re in our necklaces, rings, bracelets, or even occasionally studded on our clothes, they really are a girl’s best friend. But this season has seen a new trend arise from our love of shiny rocks – a whole myriad of gemstone trends have been sweeping across the hair and beauty industry, giving us the chance to flaunt our gemstones in our locks, or even on our nails! We shone the focus on some of the biggest gemstone trends on the radar this season:

It’s official – the gemstone look is totally nailing it this season. Taking its inspiration from what is known as the ‘love stone’ of this age, rose quartz nails combine the elegant beauty of a textured look with pastel and nude shades to make crystallised nails that are simply stunning. This nail art fad utilises the intricate lines of crystal, giving a realistic look that is both effortless in its simplicity and utterly breath-taking.

Geode Hair trend

Geode hair

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, no doubt you’ll already have heard of the new gemstone craze shaking up the hair industry. The geode hair trend is one of the biggest hair trends of the season, taking amethyst-to-navy ombré colouring to the max to create gorgeously tonal colour. Not too harsh on hair and requiring minimal bleaching, the geode look is perfect for anybody looking to add a bit of colour, without putting their hair through the ringer.

Rhinestone Lips

Rhinestone lips

Over the years, we’ve put rhinestones on literally everything – from bedazzling our caps and denim jackets in the early nineties, to the more recent trend of giving our ladygarden some sparkle with vajazzling. But even more recently, we’ve discovered a new way to get our rhinestone look on – by applying them to our lips of course! The latest trend in jewel make-up, rhinestone lips are created by first applying your favourite shade of lippy, and then accentuating with a flourish of rhinestone crystals, to give lips a dazzling finish.

Diamond Nails trendy

Diamond nails

From rhinestones to diamonds, this new fad from the home of beauty, Korea, sees the simple rose quartz look swapped for a dazzling diamond display. An upgrade of the shattered glass trend developed last year, diamond nail art takes the gemstone look to whole new heights. A truly textured finish, this versatile look is perfect for pairing with evening wear to give you that all over sparkle.

Jewel Tone Balayage

Jewel tone balayage

Balayage is all the rage this season, but we’ve have never thought of it working with the gemstone trend until we saw the look pulled off by Joely Fisher. Bold and fearless, it takes jewel tones, balayaged to perfection with a co-ordinating coloured base tone. While Joely has opted to mix deep brunette with crimson ends, we’re sure there are a number of pairings that would work just as well.

bejewelled eyeshadow gives a glamorous look

Bejewelled eyeshadow

So, after the rhinestone lips, we bet you thought you’d seen the end of the rhinestone trend. Think again! Gaining popularity on Pinterest, bedazzled eyeshadow is starting to make an appearance into the world of gemstone-related trends. Achieved in a similar way to rhinestone lips, bejewelled eyeshadow gives a glamorous look – although we’re not sure how comfortable it would be to wear on a night out!

Turquoise stone nails for P ✨ #gaudyoctopusnails #nailart #turquoisenails #handpaintednailart

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Turquoise nails

Taking a step away from rhinestones again and back into the territory of gemstones, the turquoise nail trend has been around for quite some time but has seen a recent revival. The nail art features webs of bold, black cracks, much like the stone itself, interspersed with delicately intricate gold detailing for a look that’s hot to trot – and besides, texturised nails are so in right now!

Amethyst Roots

Amethyst roots

For those looking to add some colour and fun to their hair in between root touch-ups, amethyst roots could be just what you were looking for. Beautiful when paired with platinum blonde hair, this gemstone trend could ultimately be much healthier for your hair, as it extends the time between touch-ups. This gives your hair a chance to repair itself after bleaching, without you being worried about showing off your root re-growth.

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