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Fruit Nails: Summer’s Juicy New Nail Trend Has Us Feeling Thirsty


A bright yellow lemon, a peachy little strawberry or an on-trend pineapple; fruit prints have taken their style game from strength to strength over the last couple of years and this summer is no different. No matter where you like to shop, you’re sure to come across a fruity handbag or brightly coloured wrap dress which has the tendency to make you a little thirsty. However, this summer, the trend has been taken to the next level with the introduction of the adorable fruit nails vibe.

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There’s a style for every taste from colourful and cartoon-like to discreet and slightly more abstract. The fruit nails trend is brightening up the summer for us, alongside this beautifully summery UK weather. With over 12 thousand #fruitnails tagged images on Instagram, this summer looks to be not only nail art season, but the beginning of a very specific and edible nail art season.

With pineapple lamps and ornaments taking over almost all trendy interior design stores, the pineapple appears to be the most stylish of the fruits right now. The nail world has clearly taken note of this trend with tens of thousands of social media fans posting shots of their versions of pineapple nails. Whether it’s a pineapple on every nail or intertwined with patterns and prints, this has got to be one of the summer’s more fun looks to try out.

Posted by @bundlemonster, this design shows a summery palette of soft orange and mint green coated with an ultra-trendy pineapple nail stamp.

Can’t decide between fruits? Don’t panic, you can mix and match. Many of the designs we’re seeing on the Gram are blending the cutest fruits into one design or simply doing one hand of each!

The watermelon has strong connotations of a tropical summer holiday. The thought of nibbling on a juicy slice of watermelon at the beach or around the pool is enough to make us all rush to the travel agency and book a trip away, so be careful if you go for it on your manicure, as you could easily be tempted! This nail technician has created a matte-effect watermelon design by layering up the colour and finishing with a matte top coat. We think it’s got to be one of the most Instagrammable mani’s we’ve seen this year.

When life gives you lemons, paint them onto your manicure! This nail artist created a more discreet version of the trend. Using an abstract splash of yellow and glitter on eight nails, they’ve added a smidge of a slice of lemon to just one nail on each hand. It’s complete summer vibes, but with a discreet twist.

So, are you feeling summers fruitiest trend? And what would your fruit of choice be? If you can’t pick, don’t worry. Make sure you go to a nail art specialist and then simply get a full fruit cocktail of designs all over your manicure. We’re sure you’ll be loving the look for as long as the sun shines.

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