From Fake-Looking Lengths To Real-Hair Wigs


After years of presenting flawless locks and edgy hairstyles, Keira Knightley has opened up to the world and confessed she has been using wigs. For the past five years the British actress, who has more than 50 roles under her belt, admitted that dying her hair on every movie set in order to get into character has caused havoc on her natural hair and in some cases she suffered from hair loss.

In a recent interview with InStyle U.K., Keira commented “I have dyed my hair virtually every colour imaginable for different films. It got so bad that my hair literally began to fall out of my head,” she told the publication. “So for the past five years, I’ve used hairpieces, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair.”

Even though wigs have become a trend now with celebrities, they have always been used for those who suffer from hair loss caused by Alopecia or as a result of cancer treatments. Recently, 13-year-old Connie has raised over £2,000 for the charity “The Little Princess Trust” by shaving her head to help fund hairpieces for those in need. Connie was recently diagnosed with Alopecia and after losing a large amount of hair, she decided to shave her head to help the charity.

As well as wigs helping those in need, celebrities have been using them more and more to get thicker looking hair or a complete style change.  With the likes of Jesy Nelson from Little Mix using hair extensions,  Sarah Jane Crawford, TV presenter using Sleek Hair wigs and also Kylie Jenner who hasn’t exactly kept her wig use a secret.

Therefore it’s no surprise that all types of hairpieces are not only a favourite amongst the celebrities but also hairdressers. Hairdressing isn’t always about cutting and styling natural hair as some hairdressers have branched out into the wig world, cutting and styling for those who’ve lost their hair due to illnesses like cancer or varying forms of alopecia.

Wigs have moved on since the days of fake-looking lengths perched on someone’s head. Quality acrylic and real-hair wigs are now often undetectable.  Therefore, wig cutting and styling can be a worthwhile skill for a hairdresser to learn.

Hairdressing insurance for wig & hairpiece fitting

At Salon Gold we are able to provide insurance cover for salon owners and hairdressers who get involved in the cutting, styling and fitting of wigs.  Just contact us to have the cover added on to your policy at no extra cost.

What to learn more about using, cutting and styling wigs? Below are some forthcoming wig training courses.

My new hair with Trevor Sorbie

21st September, L’Oréal Professionnel International Academy, London

Tel: 020 8762 4200

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Lace front wigs with Kevin Fortune

8th-9th December, 2 day course, Hair Styling Academy, London

Tel: 020 7871 3057

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Period wigs with Delamar Academy, London

A 1 week course on Period Wigs.  This introduces you to the wig skills and period styling you’ll need for working in Theatre, Film, and TV

3rd-7th October 2016

17th-21st October 2016

31st-4th Oct/Nov 2016

14th-18th November 2016

21st-25th November 2016

Tel: 020 8579 9511

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One day taster vourses

You will spend a day styling and applying wigs of your own creation. Perfect for those of you who may be thinking about extending your hairdressing skills.  Wigs and all equipment are supplied.

Dates to be advised

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Salon Gold provides hair salon insurance & mobile and freelancer hairdressers insurance.

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