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Spring In Bloom: Flower Eyeliner Has Landed Just In Time For The New Season


We might have frosty winds and good old-fashioned snow days, but believe it or not, spring will very soon be upon us and the spring trends in the hair and beauty biz are already kicking in. One of the prettiest and more alluring trends we’ve seen extending across our Instagram feeds is flower eyeliner – or #flowerliner – as it’s now known on the social platform.

This trend really is as pretty as it sounds and consists of tiny flowers created with liquid liner sweeping across the eyelid. Some have gone subtle and simple, but with some bolder and braver creations making their way across beauty’s social media community, there is just too many snippets of inspiration for us to deal with.

Tried out the flower liner look! ??????

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A cute way to recreate the trend is to craft your very own floral cat-eyes with the flowers you draw. The key is size and, due the tiny scale of each flower, a steady hand is a must. Using blues and whites produces a super innocent and overtly spring-esque look, ideal for a day at a festival, teamed with a flowing, floral maxi dress.

We love the sultry use of reds and white within this look, which creates an explicitly romantic vibe, reminding us of last month’s Valentine’s roses. This time the MUA takes the floral design across the entire lid, bringing into a soft wing flick at the edge of the eye with a flash of gold sparkle at the inner eye.

Creating an entire eyeshadow look with bold and pastel pinks shaded into the crease of the eye, this floral focus is daisy-like yellow and white miniature flowers, dancing across the lash line.

For a slightly more discreet take on the trend, but nonetheless effortlessly beautiful, create a bold, on-trend eye with pinks and oranges across the entire lid and apply a super thick sweep of black, liquid liner across the lash line into a striking wing. Applying the floral design delicately over the liquid liner ensures that the look has just a touch of feminine finesse.

Bolder and brighter, this look builds the floral liner above the lash line and over the lid, just above the crease. Using a white liner to create the base, the flowers sweep across the eyelid in a summery swirling design.

For a laid-back and totally relaxed feel, this look uses yellows, golds and reds to form a glamourous lid, scattering a chain of daisies across the upper lid. The perfect daytime, floral vibes.

Last year, we saw a similar trend that really put make-up artists creativity to the test. Remember terrarium eye make-up? Taking flower eyeliner to the next level, the terrarium look formed a floral vision across the entire eye for a full-blown facial feast of flowers.

Whether you opt for a pretty flower eyeliner look or go all out and attempt the artistry of the terrarium, this spring is set to be a beautiful one. Pinks, greens, purples and whites ensure your eyeliner never has a dull moment. If you’ve not got the steadiest of hands, why not test the skills of your favourite make-up artist and book in for a flower power eye make-up look for your next night on the tiles.

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