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Flannel Hair: The Fabric-Inspired Trend That’s Perfect For The Colder Months Ahead


We’ve had one of the longest and warmest summers that most of us can remember but now the time has come to accept the beginnings of the fall and embrace a new hair look that’s coming with it. Get ready if you’re a brunette because this one is for you!

This new trend can range anywhere from deliciously warm, chocolate brown to fiery red and it has us desperate to snuggle on the couch in a rich orange sweater and prep for a season of cold weather and cosy nights in.

Flannel hair is coming at us on social media from every angle and is the fiery new update for every brunette and redhead. Ranging from warm browns to flashes of bright reds, the general gist of the flannel hair trend is about creating a memory of the classic flannel fabric through tones of burnt copper, auburns and deep reds, designed especially to suit the upcoming colder weather.

Reported by Allure, the site chatted to colour expert, Sharon Dorram, who gave them her thoughts on why the flannel hair trend look is so popular, particularly this time of year. She explained that people often fancy a switch to this warmer, richer look around August time, as they become tired of their summer bleach and crave a deeper hue to their hair, making flannel hair the perfect transition for the new season.

When it comes to adopting a new shade for the new season, ensure you know how to best protect your colour, especially if you decide to opt for the bolder reds that this hair trend is all about. Ask your hair stylist for their advice on shampoo and conditioner for colour protection and always use appropriate heat-protective products when using heat styling in your everyday routine.

Some colour experts are taking their clients even brighter with hues of red that have a hint of fire. This beautifully melted balayage flannel look from Presley Poe, head colourist at Pravana Collective and hair maven with nearly 100k Instagram followers, proves that sometimes, warm is just the right way to go!

Presley mentioned that she can’t wait to match her client’s hair with the changing colours of the leaves outside, her inspiration is all about fall and the natural colours that come with it. Building a multi-dimensional look, the hair starts with a deep, rich brunette base, which is left at the root for a gradual, faded overall finish. Bringing deep reds and auburns into the middle lengths of the hair, perfectly and subtly melted for this natural, indescribable blend, the ends shine with a touch of brighter orange and amber.

As the green trees of summer transition to auburn and rusty orange, will you be taking the plunge and opting for a hair colour to match? When it’s the start of a new season, we all have the urge to change up our look and find the perfect new hair to match our autumn wardrobes. Keep it subtle with a warm chocolate brown or go all out and opt for a fiery red that’s sure to keep all eyes on you this season.

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