Wavy Metallic Autumn Hair

Five Hair Trends Which Will Be Making Waves This Autumn


Five hair trends which will be making waves this autumn

Have you neglected your hair during the busy summer holidays, or has the harsh effect of the sun’s rays on your locks left you wanting to update your style, along with the change of season?

To give you some inspiration, the team here at Salon Gold have researched the top five hair trends which will be making waves this autumn:

  1. Rich warm auburn tones

Transforming your locks with rich, warm auburn tones showcase a subtle nod to the new season, taking inspiration from the falling leaves and low sunlight.

For dark brown hair, red undertones blend well. Alternatively for lighter locks, introduce colours using inspiration from the changing leaves as a starting point.

As the days grow colder, this is a great way to warm up your look, for hair long or short?.

Wavy Auburn Autumn Hair

  1. Waves

Straight hair can be difficult to maintain as the winds begin to pick up during the autumn months, so waves are a perfect way to cope.

Not only that but they look awesome too, giving your hair texture and allowing the light to pick up on the range of tones.

Waves are a perfect solution to suit every length, style and colour, so what are you waiting for?

 Wavy Metallic Autumn Hair

  1. Sleek ponytails

Here at Salon Gold, we love a style that is both easy to do and practical to wear?‍♀️.

Thankfully, sleek ponytails are on trend, which are not only easy to achieve but also keep loose strands of hair in place during this windy weather.

Kim Kardashian is a fan and so is Ariana Grande – Prep with hair oil and hairspray, flat iron each section then gather into a ponytail. Simple!

For a ponytail that’s more effortless and oozes chic, the hair needs to be properly texturised. Spritz some sea salt spray into your locks before styling to give it some grip and natural texture.

You don’t even need any hair ties, bows, or accessories to achieve this look. Add to the bed-head vibe by wrapping a section of hair around the ponytail itself and secure with bobby pins.

Straight Pony Tail Autumn Hair

  1. Bold bobs

A dramatic change in hairstyle for a change in season – the bold bob.

It can totally transform your look, not to mention it’s quicker to dry and style.

There is a lot of versality with this look, a sophisticated bob can be worn straight and sleek or make it shaggy and messy for a laidback style.

Short Cream Autumn Hair Bob

  1. Silver ombre

When did dyeing our hair almost-grey become a trend?! Something that many of us once feared has now become a popular look.

Silver and ash blonde ombre have been on the hair scene for some time now. Taking inspiration from fairy creatures and mermaids, it makes hair look gilded and almost metallic.

Long Wavy Ashy Metallic Autumn Hair

Which hair trend is your favourite? Make sure to share your comments and images via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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