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Our Favourite Spooky Transformations to try this Halloween


If ever we needed an opportunity to go crazy and dress up in weird and wonderful ways Halloween is surely a blessing! Halloween 2018 promises to be fantastic with a whole range of YouTubers already posting simply breath-taking makeup designs and special effects.

Whether you’re looking to expand on your skills, or have a client looking to try something new; take a look at our top 5 Halloween glam tutorials to get some inspiration & make sure you’re killin’ it when the big day arrives ?.

1. Check out James Charles’ AMAZING Halloween collaboration with special guest Kylie Jenner. James & Kylie collaborated for using Kylie’s brand new Halloween collection to get in the spirit. This super glam Skeleton look is a hot trend this Halloween and is surprisingly easy to re-create for clients that aren’t ready to try out a full-face option! ?  James starts this look with highlights rather than shadows to make the makeup as striking as possible.

2. This ‘Phantom of Makeup Mask’ look created by the talented NikkieTutorials is causing quite a stir already this year! Inspired by Gaston Leroux’s fictional character, this Halloween makeup look completely transforms Nikkie’s face! If your client is looking to stand out and win ‘Best costume awards this year, surely this is the one!

3. Spiders!!? This striking and easy Spider Illusion Halloween Makeup by Tina Halada has already clocked up over 250,000 views and the end result is amazing. If you’re looking for something basic yet still original with a wow factor this is surely the one for you!

4. This ‘Melting Skull’ inspired look by Desi Perkins is incredible and definitely a crowd favourite with over 5.2million views! This special effect may only leave you with half a face, but it certainly will cause a full-blown reaction!

5. Last, but not least, we have this stunning ‘Cracked Broken Doll’ look by Shaaanxo. This look is perfect once again for someone who’s looking for a something that’s effective but not completely overpowering (or if you think you may just crack over the stress of another Halloween Makeup request!).

These are just a handful of our favourites and we can’t wait to see everyone’s creations in the lead up to the 31st. Don’t forget to tag us in your Halloween Makeup looks on our Facebook page for a chance to be featured on Salon Gold social media. Remember, let your imagination run wild and be original! When it comes to Halloween, Weird is good… Right?!

At Salon Gold, we understand the top makeup art comes hand in hand with hard work. That’s why we provide specialist Makeup Artist Insurance to cover you and your business for any unexpected issues, accidents or surprises.

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