Everything You Need To Know About Plastic Packaging


Reducing unnecessary packaging is a hot topic right now. We know that not all of your clients are at Extinction Rebellion levels of passion when it comes to knowing what their shampoo comes in, but with David Attenborough bringing the plight of the planet into the general consciousness it’s important to understand the ins and outs of plastic.

We caught up with Ian Bishop from Organic Colour Systems at Karine Jackson’s recent sustainable salons event to talk about PCR (post-consumer recycled) bottles. Organic Colour Systems are moving to 100% Post-Consumer Recycled bottles by 2020 – Ian says, “it’s not entirely plastic free but we are working on this and for our next step it was decided to repurpose material wherever possible.”

The brand introduced a refill system 21 years ago in 1998, and you could offer refills to your clients regardless of whether it’s something your product company officially supports or encourages. Follow Organic Colour Systems’ tips for salons who want to refill products for their clients:

💚 When using 900ml bottles to refill, record the product’s batch number on your client’s record card. This ensures product traceability.
💚 Always ensure the refilled bottle’s label is legible, including all required warnings, instructions and other legal information.
💚 Make sure the correct product is going into the correct bottle.
💚 Only wash refill bottles out if you can use a dishwasher that runs at 60 degrees centigrade or 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Alternatively, use boiling water. Do not wash with tap water.
💚 To avoid bacterial contamination unwashed bottles should not be refilled more than 3 times.

There are some other easy ways to reduce packaging waste in-salon as well:

💚 Encourage the sale of 900ml sizes. The pump can be reused for many years and your client can choose to refill their smaller size bottles and containers at home themselves.
💚 Remember to sell Volume Refill to returning Volume clients. It’s not only cheaper for them to purchase, but it stops the pump from the original bottle (the only part of the packaging that is not recyclable) being thrown into landfill.

Waste reduction is a core driver for Organic Colour Systems’ founder and Managing Director, Raoul Perfitt, who says “If I get my way, we’ll eventually have a closed loop recycling system with our bottles returned directly to us. They would then become the PCR pellets our bottles are made from. This level of traceability would see us in total control of our packaging; we’d know it’s not ending up in landfills.”

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