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Entering Competitions: #nailedit


Entering Competitions #nailedit – from the beginning of October we launched our #nailedit competition asking you to send in your amazing nail designs. Our #nailedit competition ends on the 31st October.  With 1 week left to go we have already received so many entries!

Entering competitions whether it be nails, hair or makeup is a great way to not only push yourself and your skills but also to get recognition. Competitions allow you to brush up on your skills and even time keeping. Whether you want to compete for the first time or maybe you’re an experienced competitor.  Read on to see how competitions can benefit you and your business and how you go about them or maybe even be good for the company you are working at.

Why enter competitions?

If you want people to notice you not only as a great nail technician or hairdresser but also as a business, we recommend entering competitions.  It gets your name out there and noticed by others. Competitions are not just for winning but for also brushing up on your skills and learning new things as well perfecting your work. Entering competitions is a great way to help you with time.  There will always be a time limit for your entry and you will need time to prepare your designs in advance.

Will It Help My Business?

Clients will love to see and hear all about your competitions.  It can be as exciting to them as it is to you. It also shows to them that you have many skills and believe in the quality of all your work. Having certificates around the place also shows you have a dedication to delivering a good service and take pride in your work. This will be beneficial to you whether you own your own business or whether you work in someone else’s.  It will show determination and show others you love what you do. Entering these competitions will also allow you to network with others.  In some cases you will network with publications and that run the competitions.

Do I need a model?

You will be responsible for choosing and bringing your own model – but choose carefully! If you are entering a nail competition, make sure their hands are in good condition. Long nail plates will be ideal.  Also someone who has patience.  They will have to sit for a long time getting their nails done and then going through the judging process.

How to enter

You should register for the competition well before the main event but there are competitions that allow you to register on the day. With most competitions you will have forms to fill and a fee to pay.  Make sure you complete your entry by the deadline and also make sure you are entering yourself into the correct category. With all competitions there will be rules so make sure you are aware of them.

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