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Egg-static For Easter: Our Favourite Cute Nail Art Designs For The Lead Up To The Long Bank Holiday


If you couldn’t tell from our previous posts, we’re super looking forward to Easter. Like, we’re egg-static (if you’ll pardon the pun!). We’ve gone mad for all things Easter over the past two weeks here at Salon Gold, and now we’ve found something else to get excited about. Because after the Easter make-up and the pastel Easter hair colours, we’ve found our next favourite thing – Easter-themed nail art designs!

From mimicking mini eggs (our favourite Easter snack, by the way!) or taking inspiration from the spring weather to cute bunnies, we’ve searched high and low to round-up our favourite nail inspiration for the Easter weekend.


Creme egg nails

Our first nail style is close to our heart, as it mimics the nation’s favourite seasonal chocolate. These creme egg-inspired nails make use of the packaging, using the outer foil as nail covers to add shine. They blend beautifully with block coloured nails in the iconic creme egg red – and they look good enough to eat!


Mini egg nails

Another chocolate favourite, mini eggs, are replicated beautifully in this speckled nail art. Mimicking the chocolate eggs and their pastel-toned palette, these nails look spectacular! Hopefully, we can wear them all year round to reminiscence when stores no longer stock them?


Easter bunny nails

Nothing screams cute like rabbits and nothing screams Easter like rabbits, so why not combine the two together to create an adorable nail art design all its own? This rabbit nail art takes the spirit of Easter and gives it an adorable overhaul. We love the idea of going for mismatched nails at the best of times, but add in sweet bunny characters and pastel colours, and the whole idea becomes to cute to handle! We love this look!


Miffy bunny nails

Carrying on the animal-themed nail art, we feature popular bunny, Miffy. Instagram user, @cottonconey, has done a fantastic job painting on the iconic bunny on a chic black background. Though this design is void of the popular pastel colours associated with Easter, we think it’s still effortlessly cute and will definitely add interest to your nails this season.

warmer times ?

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Ice cream cone nails

Easter means spring, which means warmer weather, which for us is a means to eat ice cream (Yes, we will look for any reason to bring out the delicious treat!), but if you’re already prepping to get that sweet summer bod, why not let your nails indulge in the calories instead? With this candy-coloured look, inspired by the melting ice cream on a cone, you’re sure to be channelling those spring vibes all season long.



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Contemporary nails

More of a sophisticated take on Easter nails, this design has a more subdued classy look. Incorporating pastel colours that stay on the theme of spring and Easter, this nail art makes use of striking not-quite-stripes to create a more contemporary look that is so on-trend, yet definitely super cute!

What are your favourite Easter nail art designs? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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