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DNA Braids: The Viral Hair Styling Technique That Has Us Mesmerised


If you’re a fan of a cute French plait, prepare to be mesmerised by the newest trend to rock Instagram this summer; DNA braids. It works on any hair as long as you’ve got enough length, so get practising those braiding skills because this look is going to be just about everywhere soon enough.

Alexandra Wilson from Rhode Island is a hair stylist, specialising in brides and braids – definitely a skill set we can get on board with. Having posted this image of her incredible creation of a giant DNA central braid flanked by two smaller DNA braids, she also posted a video tutorial on her Instagram of “how to” for those wanting to try it out themselves.

Be prepared to practice because Alexandra’s tutorial proves that this is no ordinary braiding technique. The more intricate, the better the braid looks and her multi-coloured hair model also helps to illustrate the skill that goes into such a look.

Here, the hair stylist creates a chunkier effect, using more hair in each twist and turn of the braid. Working with this fabulous rainbow hair allows us to really see the details of the braid design, proving the pure talent of the stylist.

Tendance cheveux: La tresse ADN! On adore! ?? #dnabraid #hair

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Feel like adding just a touch of DNA braiding to a simple look? This image from Be Magazine shows us exactly how it’s done. Using a striking, on-trend icy hair model, this stylist takes just a snippet of the hair and wraps the braid around the back of the style to form a half-up look. Perfect for a wedding or event, this look is sure to be a popular one for that upcoming special occasion.

If you’re a hair-up fan, don’t worry – the DNA braid trend can be incorporated into a ponytail and looks just as fabulous. This ashy blonde look is transformed from simple pony to incredible DNA braid, featuring just one twist and a hair-tie halfway down the length of the hair. If you’ve got a spare ten minutes in your morning routine, this is how you should be spending it.

For some, the complexities of a DNA braid are not quite enough. This self-proclaimed “DIY braider from Finland” created a look that consisted of not just two DNA braids, but also feather braids, a tight braid directly down the parting of the style and a head-piece, just to complete the look.

And stylists haven’t stopped at just a DNA braid. Oh no, this stylist from Edmonton, Canada, added some hanging decorative details to each braid to really finish off the look. Creating a style that includes three separate DNA braids on a half up, half down ombré ‘do, she hooks in these turquoises ornaments to complete her unique creation.

They’re going to require a professional or some serious practice, but what do you think of the intricate and complex DNA braids look? With so many variations to try out, we’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of these detailed creations popping up all over Instagram in the very near future. The question is, when will you give it a go?

What do you make of DNA braids? Love them or hate them? Shares your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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