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Dirty Blonde Hair: The Hair Trend Bringing In A New Wave Of Colours For Blondes


Over the last few fashion seasons, there has been a definitive and absolute movement for blondes (and brunettes) towards an ashy, cool and even icy finish in terms of shade and hue. When it comes to warmth in the hair, it has become almost a negative term within salons. Customers are consistently seeking an ashy result and stylists are turning to more and more toning solutions to achieve the super-cold look their clients are seeking.

Until now…

Now, there’s a new blonde hair phenomenon on the horizon and it’s all a little warmer than we’ve seen lately. This look has some serious depth to it, lots of multi-dimensional tones and, we’ve got to say it… A slightly dirtier vibe to the overall look! And when we say dirty, don’t worry, it’s definitely a good thing! Dirty blonde hair is having a moment on Instagram right now and we can really see this taking off as a turning point for our ashy blonde friends and a whole new way to rock a blonde head of hair for the autumn season.

Using traditional highlighting and ultra-popular balayage techniques, dirty blonde hair has more of a focus on a softer, more natural and beachy vibe and less of a brighter than bright finish. Working wonders on hair with soft waves or curl, the highlights have more obvious warm blonde tones to them with a darker blonde root and base adding just the right amount of multi-tonal depth.

There’s nothing brassy about the dirty blonde look, so if you’re thinking that it all sounds too warm for you then worry not. Many stylists are creating their own dirty blonde looks simply using darker hues of blonde to tone down a very light look without adding too much warmth at all yet still creating a more natural finish.

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For the ultimate natural dirty blonde look, stylists are also using the ‘babylights’ technique. This focuses on creating blonde highlights using minuscule amounts of hair within each weave, which creates a much softer overall finish, instead of either chunky highlights or the technique that has taken over hair for the last few years; balayage. ‘Babylights add texture to the hair and brighten the overall look but in a super-natural way, which works perfectly with the use of these darker, warmer tones of blonde.

This warmer dirty blonde trend is a great way to enter the world of blonde hair if you have brunette clients that are thinking about brightening their hair up for the new season. The natural and warm nature of the look is much easier to achieve with a brunette base coat than some of the icier and ashier looks we’ve seen this year. If your clients are thinking about making a big change, sit down with them and talk about their best options. Remember to take with you some inspiration images so they understand exactly the look they want to aim for.

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