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Doing It Denim: Our Favourite Jeans-Inspired Nail Art Ideas That Prove You Can Go Double-Denim


Double denim was a no-no for so long and then, BANG – if you’re not rocking the double denim, then you shouldn’t be allowed out of the house! Whether it’s denim hair or any number of these other whacky denim trends, denim is one of the hottest trends in the hair and beauty industry right now. And now, bringing the trend full circle, it’s even found its way into a new home – our nails! Here are some of our absolute favourite denim nail art looks that are sure to have you craving double-denim:

Simple denim

This style is achieved with a dark blue base and a scratchy finish of a lighter blue. Probably the easiest out of the denim nail art range to master.

Ripped denim

Okay, so this one takes the nail art skills up several levels. There are some great variations of these doing the rounds at the moment. Large rips with thin, string-like lines across them and smaller rips that show a lot less leg – or nail, in this case! You will need a striping brush to create the ripped area with white polish. Once dry you can finish it off with a coat in the shade of blue of your choice.

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Stitched denim

Another style that is taking off is the stitched denim look. So, you basically apply the blue base and then use thin dashed white lines to give a stitched effect. People are also using small, metal nail studs to finish off with a metal button look. You can even add a cute little pocket.

Wash effect

There seem to be no limits in what skilled nail artists can deliver with nothing more than a bottle of nail polish and a creative mind. For the wash effect, you set up a base with a medium blue coloured polish. Then with a fan brush, lightly apply diagonal strokes using white polish and do the same with a dark blue. The combination of the two colours should result in a wash effect.


For the very skilled nail artists, filling the nails with a patchwork of denim also looks really cool. With very careful use of white polish, a frayed outline can be drawn around blue squares of ‘fabric’ to achieve this.

If you’re bored of the same old nail designs, why don’t you have a go at doing it denim? There are so many different slants that can transform your nails from plain and boring to denim and funky. These designs are so fun and will really make your clients stand out from the crowd.

What are your favourite denim nail art designs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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