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Denim Hair: The Jeans-Inspired Hair Trend That’s Bringing The Blues Back


We’ve recently seen every colour of the rainbow being used to create some amazing hair colouring and now we have a new trend that is likely to catch the eye. Denim hair (yes, you read that correctly!) is now hitting the salons and the variations are extremely imaginative.

Everybody has a favourite style of jeans – ripped, faded, stonewash, crushed, marble, the list goes on. And the fact that there are so many different styles to choose from makes denim the ideal theme for a hair look.

There’s a wide variety of shades you can try out, so you can really make this look your own. We’ve put together some of our absolute favourite denim tones that will perfectly complement those jeans you’ve been dying to wear:

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How popular have stonewash jeans been over the years? Every pop star at the height of fame around the late 80s and 90s rocked the stonewash look. The famous Levi jeans created a craze that people simply could not get enough of and now this craze is hitting the salons.

The stonewash hair colour uses pale blue tones with the natural hair colour and a hint of silver to give that perfect likeness of the long-time favourite jeans style.

Blue steel

For those who love the silvery tones, Blue Steel hair is a great option. To get this look you need to start with a light base of platinum blonde. Also, Blue Steel is a nice way to have fun with your hair if you are starting to show or have fully grey hair.


For a more intense slant on the Denim hair craze, Indigo is the ideal solution. This darker blue colouring suits people with naturally dark or light hair and is a popular choice right now. Indigo plants have actually been used for centuries to enable people to dye their hair black, as the blue dye combines with lighter colours to result in a black colour.


For the darker denim look, people are turning to Midnight for a blue-black, almost gothic blue. This stunning shade is said to eclipse all of the other denim hair trends but it all comes down to personal taste. Fortunately, there are so many different ways to adopt the Denim hair look, so there is a shade for everyone who fancies a dabble with denim.

Denim is without a doubt the next hair colour trend to hit the high street salons, so it’s definitely going to become the new hair trend must-have that all your clients are going to want!

What’s your favourite shade of denim hair? Share your opinion with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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