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Bring On The Party: The Confetti Hair Trend Has Just Landed


In the world of hair colour trends, there’s no sleep for the creative! The amazing Aussie-based salon, Blondies of Melbourne, that brought the world hidden rainbow roots, has created a new zany colour trend – enter confetti hair, your new party favourite!

Speaking with Cosmopolitan magazine, salon owner, Karen Lewis, told them that she dubbed it “confetti hair” because “it’s soft, pretty, happy, and it imparts little spots of pure joy on the hair like confetti!”

If your clients are really on the confetti hair hype, Blondies of Melbourne have even given out their own tips for how to achieve this fun-filled look.

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They suggest that you start with bleached, or super-light blonde hair, as your base. Then, you can begin to add colour – Lewis’ salon suggests using Pravana, but if your client is looking for a temporary colour boost, the bold shades from Manic Panic will work just as well. Use alternating shades, leaving a little of the natural blonde to show through, to give your client’s hair that coveted confetti look.

Lewis told Cosmopolitan, “You can work with any colour palette, but go for candy-coloured pastels for a more subtle effect or bright fashion colours for a bolder look.”

Then it’s time to sit back with a cuppa and wait for the colour to develop. After about 20 minutes, rinse the colour out with cool water. Lewis said, “The colours will slowly fade back to the blonde base with each wash. As with all colours, the more frequently they’re washed, the faster they’ll fade, but we recommend washing your hair with cooler water to prolong the colour.”

Finally, blow dry your client’s hair to reveal that trippy, confetti perfection. So, get your confetti canons at the ready – it’s party time!

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