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Cold Brew Hair: The Trend That’s Going To Be All Over Instagram This Autumn


Is it just us or as soon as it starts to feel like autumn, does your mindset instantly transform from summer BBQ’s and mojitos to cosy fires, hot chocolate and nights in front of the TV? Alongside a new cosier way of thinking, we’re hearing about the all-new brunette hair colour trend sweeping through Instagram and due to be the hit of colouring this coming season.


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With the change of weather, surely, it’s the perfect time to change up your look and give yourself a little new-season make-over? We think so! Pairing nicely with the activities of the fall season, cold brew hair is inspired by our all-time favourite beverage; coffee, obviously. It’s warm, textured and made for the autumnal season change.

First spotted by Allure and Popsugar, cold brew hair is capturing people’s attention and imagination with its soft and warm multi-dimensional colour technique, fast becoming a firm favourite for a seasonal brunette hair update.

Speaking with Allure, colour expert Nikki Ferrara explains “This is great for people with dark hair that would love to dip their toes into being a redhead without too much of the commitment — or for women who still want warm tones in their medium brown hair”. With a huge range of colours and tones that fit the mark for cold brew hair, it’s best to take a few images into the salon with you to ensure that your stylist knows exactly what you’re looking for if you decide to take the plunge.

It’s the perfect balayage update. Colour fans all over Instagram are swapping out their blonde ends for a warmer, chocolatey substitute and we are just loving the overall effect. Still offering the ever-popular balayage effect with a multi-tonal finish, the colour is kept deep, ideal to pair with a sumptuous red lip and your new favourite knitwear.

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If super-warm isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there is still a gorgeous cold brew combination for you. Using slightly lighter and brighter tones to pull through the highlights, this stylist creates a multi-dimensional effect with overall warmth without including any overt red tones. The result is beautiful, textured hair, ready for the autumn.

We all love to see a dramatic make-over and cold brew hair could be just the thing to re-do your tired ombré or balayage. Maybe you’ve enjoyed your lighter ends through summer and feel like a change? This is the perfect idea. Adding warmth and depth to the hair with the deep mahogany tones, the deeper highlights running through the lengths of the hair create such a healthier overall feel, making the hair look and feel thicker and more vibrant.

Whether you love the multi-dimensional texture of multiple highlights and lowlights in your cold brew look or you prefer an overall warm brown colour, speak to your stylist at your next trip to the salon and find the perfect cold brew variation for you. It’s the perfect time to shake up your style and we have a feeling there will be a lot of brunettes seeking out this hot new hair colour trend.

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