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Let The Sun Shine: Cloudless Skin Is The Newest K-Beauty Trend Emerging Out Of The East


Heads up guys – a new skincare trend has crossed the ocean and your skin is definitely going to be on cloud nine with this latest trend out of Korea.

Now, before you roll your eyes about reading about yet another Korean beauty trend that might infiltrate your already-packed 45 step Korean skincare routine – fret not! Cloudless Skin is not a skin appearance you try to replicate like glass or honey skin. Rather, it’s a skin goal for you to achieve, (think of it as a stage of enlightenment, but for your skin!). Cloudless skin is a sign of not just glowing, dewy skin, but also of a healthy mind and body.

You won’t find the definition of ‘cloudless skin’ in the Oxford dictionary, so we’ll give you the basic briefing on what you can expect. Cloudless skin refers to skin that radiates and reflects the ultimate complexion; skin free from blemishes, scarring and dullness is the ultimate goal, whilst perpetuating a dewy look that radiates youthfulness. 

❤️NEW VIDEO❤️ #TeenSkincare advice and tips that no one tells you. Below is an extended version of the video! – – ABSOLUTE DO'S ?Keep it #simple: Cleanse-Moisturize(hydrate)-SPF ?#SUNSCREEN IS A MUST #sunscreenism #thenewreligion ?If you're confused, go for a product label with "hydrating" or "sensitive" As explained in the video, products that are catered for sensitive skin type are generally formulated without known irritants, potential allergens, fragrance and they stick to the basic, which is to hydrate, moisturize and protect your skin. ?Learn about your #skin before products ?Give your skin some credit, because it's amazing, yes, naturally! ?Give #cosmetic chemists some credit, because they don't get paid to harm you. ?Know that you're #beautiful with or without a spot on your skin. Your skin doesn't define or represent who you are. ?If you're on acne treatment, consistency is the key (shared by @kindofstephen) – – PLEASE DON'TS ?Using bar soap, abrasive scrubs, drying cleanser, drying anything, makeup wipes, pore strips. ?Over-washing, over-rubbing, over-doing anything: Let's put the aggressiveness to good use, not in skincare! ?Being greedy with #skincare. ?Breaking your arm and leg to buy skincare: Save it for later when you need to invest in good formulations. ?Spending hours looking at your skin in the mirror; No one's skin is perfect and most of the times, no one really cares what your skin looks like. (shared by @labmuffinbeautyscience)

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Korean women (and men) liken cloudless skin to that of a skin of a child; free from environmental damage, stress or a damaging lifestyle. Achieving cloudless skin won’t happen overnight – instead the desired skincare achievement is only attained after a consistent routine of religiously using the right products that address and protect the skin from the four main skin concerns Korean’s believe lead to impurities. These include clogged pores, irritation, environmental factors and dullness.

A big part of obtaining cloudless skin is mostly owed to your inner wellbeing. Your emotional state and lifestyle are all believed (and proven) to play a big part on the state of your skin, which makes sense – after all, we aren’t drinking endless amounts of water for no reason, are we?  

Beauty hailing from the inside isn’t just a tagline from your favourite Disney movie. It’s been scientifically proven that if you want the healthiest skin, you’re going to have to start making healthy choices, starting with the food you eat. It’s recommended you should try to eat as cleanly as possible. Foods that help normalise levels of collagen and hormonal functions include sweet potatoes and oatmeal, along with whole grains, leafy greens and vegetables, that also contain a low glycemic index.

Exercising and taking time for yourself will also work wonders for your appearance. Combining external factors such as stress and a modern lifestyle can wreak havoc on the skin, though by taking steps to tackle problems one by one, your skin will not only look wonderful, but your mental and physical health will also drastically improve too.

Sleep is credited as a major factor for cloudless skin. With skin in “repair mode” during sleep, research suggests we aim for at least 7 to 9 hours, to help our skin rejuvenate and deal with issues such as inflammation and irritations. Research suggests we limit caffeine and highly processed foods 4 hours before sleep, to allow our bodies to better do their job.  

Your skincare ritual should still be followed religiously, with skin taking a few weeks to adjust, so don’t be flustered if you don’t see a difference in just a day. Continue to routinely applying your toners, exfoliators, moisturisers and cleansers, which will all eventually pay off in helping you get the radiant cloudless skin you deserve and desire.

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