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Jingle Bell Rock: The Very Best Christmas Make-Up For The Festive Season


You’ve spent a good couple of months trawling the internet for the perfect outfit, the perfect shoes and the perfect jewellery to give you that extra sparkle. Everything is set until a sense of dread overcomes you and you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten one crucial thing – your make-up! Well don’t fret; we’ll help you out with some fantastic Christmas make-up ideas so you’ll look great when you tell your boss how you really feel after that 5th glass of wine…

The perfect present

Our first look is by make-up artist @beautyvtricks. Having gone the full mile by completing her fantastic candy cane eye make-up with a bold red lipstick to match her festive jumper, she’s finished off this look with an adorable present earring, and we’re in love with it! Using a natural base and contouring, the festive make-up is able to stand out and get the attention it so truly deserves.

The stars on our lips

The next look by @justbeauty_4 is Christmas with elegance. Using a glitter pastel base, the colours on the eye make-up and lips look divine. Creating a swept away look with small stars, we can’t but be in awe of the effort and expertise that went into creating this look.

Kiss under the mistletoe

Instagram user, @alinastskaia, has the perfect lip make-up for anyone wanting to add a little bit of festivity under the missile toe. Using a shimmery red, she’s has transformed her lips into a gift with added bows using gold and green on the top lip for emphasis. Also noticeable is the foil-like effect of the make-up, which helps to up the shimmer factor.

Christmas candy cane

Famous makeup artist, @maureennaudts has beautifully put together her Christmas make-up with emphasis on the eyes in her latest tutorial for the perfect festive look. Similar to the first make-up artist we featured, she’s used a shimmery highlighter to contour her face, and that helps bring a little more festivity to the look. Placing small baubles around the eye with a candy cane eyeshadow effect, the look is brought to life with huge, fluttering eyelashes that’ll perfectly complement any Christmas party outfit.

Winter wonderland

Talented artist, @sunnymint7, has managed to turn her lips into a Christmas wonderland and we’re in shock! However, it doesn’t stop there – she’s even drawn on both eyebrows beautifully and the whole look together has us floored! Using simple colours, she’s been able to create the base before making the look more complicated – check the tree’s branches highlighted with snow! This girl’s definitely got talent.

Let it snow

The simplicity of this look by user, @swetianapetuhova, is what we really like as it allows for the intricate details to really stand out. Not only is the palette of colours a gorgeous mix of burgundys and pale pink, but the magical use of the glitter carefully placed along the crease is Christmas magic! Followed by intricately detailed snowflakes, we think this look is definitely one to don on Christmas Day.

What are your favourite festive make-up looks? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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