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Cereal Superheroes: The Breakfast Hair Trend That’s Making Our Mornings Come Alive


This year, we’ve seen some interesting trends across the industry in terms of hair colours. We’ve seen the coupling of two of the highlighting techniques, babylights and balayage, used to prolong the length of time between touch-ups. We’ve had a surge in popularity of ‘Almost Auburn’ for those who like a bit of red but don’t want to go full-blown redhead. And, of course, platinum has been a popular choice for those experimenting with their shades and looking for something more edgy and unique.

But now, there’s now a new trend that is set to take the hairdressing world by storm and it certainly isn’t for those who like to blend into the crowd. Bringing the nostalgia of youth with look that makes a real statement, cereal hair is the trend that is making waves on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Cereal hair takes its inspiration from the fun, colourful cereals from across the Atlantic that we all love so much. Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops and Fruity Pebbles are just some of the cereals that hair colourists are taking inspiration from to create these vibrant and exciting creations. Kind of makes us jealous, since the most exciting cereal we got here in the UK as children was a bowl of brown rice krispies that “turned the milk chocolately” (and every time we think about it, all we can hear is the fabled jingle “I’d rather have a bowl of coco pops!”).

Top stylists are creating this look in a variety of methods. The ‘Fruity Pebbles hair’ has been born and stylist Amanda Gilkes has achieved the style by dying roots hot pink, then adding streaks of yellow and green whilst leaving the underside brown. The overall result closely resembles the colourful milk effect of a bowl of the good stuff.

Another highly popular slant on cereal hair is to keep the base of the hair blonde or even brunette and to apply the rainbow colours as under-lights. This means the overall effect isn’t so much in your face, but is definitely still eye-catching.

In addition to the ‘Fruity Pebbles hair’ colouring style, the variations include ‘Froot Loops hair’ and naturally (or not so naturally) – ‘Lucky Charms’ hair. The beauty of these styles is that you can mix it up however you wish. If you’re looking for neon electric colours then that works just as well as the more toned down pastel colours.

For those brave enough to seek this hot new look, the desire for rainbow coloured hair is easily achieved at most good hair salons – although, it’ll obviously take a bit longer than your usual hair dye job!

What’s your favourite cereal hair trend? Share your opinion with us on the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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