Cancer Awareness Nail Art – Step by Step from GELLUX

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Salon System nail expert Julie Anne has created a simple step-by-step look using GELLUX for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Step 1

Prepare the nails. File to shape and push back cuticles and buff nail plate. Cleanse nails with GELLUX Profile Prep + Wipe (£4.05 + VAT)

Step 2

Apply GELLUX Fast Bond (£5.85 + VAT) to nails and let dry. Apply GELLUX Easy Off Base Coat (£11.95 + VAT), cure.

Step 3

Apply two layers of GELLUX Piggy Pink (£7.25 + VAT) curing after each layer.

Step 4

Dip a medium liner brush into GELLUX You Can Can (£7.25 + VAT) and create some uneven lines on each nail, don’t cure.

Step 5

Dip the same liner brush into GELLUX Easy Off Base Coat (£11.95 + VAT). Gently go over the lines you created using dabbing motions. Leave it to bloom, you can blend these a little more if they haven’t spread enough. Then cure.

Step 6

Using the same medium liner brush, dip into GELLUX You Can Can and create a bow on the middle finger and carry the ribbons ton to the index and ring finger, and cure.

Step 7

With a fine liner brush, dip into GELLUX Goldmine (£7.25 + VAT) and outline the bow, and cure.

Step 8

Apply GELLUX Shiny Top Coat (£11.95 + VAT) and cure. Wipe with GELLUX Prep + Wipe (£4.05 + VAT) and apply GELLUX Nail & Cuticle Oil (£4.34 + VAT)


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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 4379 Reviews
Read all reviews »

Easy to use website, quick response to questions asked. Thank you

on Oct 23rd

Very easy to use, helpful and cheapest policy around! Thank you SalonGold.

on Oct 21st

Loved it. Super easy and the most affordable!

on Oct 20th
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