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Celebrate National Lipstick Day with #Ombre: The Newest Way To Wear Your Lipstick

Bored of wearing your lipstick the same old way? Celebrate #NationalLipstickDay with these top two ombre looks.

Reverse ombre

Make-Up Artist Lisa Eldridge has teamed up with Lancome to create the perfect reverse ombre. Traditionally, ombre lips are done with the darker shade on the outer edges and lighter shade on the inside, making lips look fuller. However, this is darker on the inside and blends with the natural lip on the edges. This technique has also been used by MakeUp Artists Charlotte Tilbury and Mario Dedivanovic.

For that statement lip use Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge in Caprice or for a more neutral lip use Rendez-Vous.

Colourful ombre

When it comes to ombre it doesn’t you don’t have to stick with one colour. Why not use different colours to create a rainbow ombre look? You can even use lip pencils to create a matte finish. Want to stick with two colours but want a more subtle colourful lip? Pop on Saturated Colour’s White Colour Switch and then apply your existing lipstick and blend together. Use Saturated Colour for an easy ombre finish.

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