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Butterbeer Hair: The Latest Hair Trend That’s Making Us All Go Potter-Mad


If you’re in the market for a new ‘do, then look no further than the next big hair colour trend to take over Instagram. We’ve seen a lot of ashy looks of recent, silvery blonde and difficult to achieve pastels. However, this trend is very much about warmth, sitting in front of a burning fire, in Hogsmeade with, that’s right, a butterbeer to match your new hair.

Yes, the trend of the social minute is Harry Potter-inspired butterbeer hair, and it’s just as delicious as it sounds. Imagine creamy, textured, multi-dimensional colours of super warm oranges and fiery reds and you’re getting there.

Golden Wave ?

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First spotted by Revelist, butterbeer hair is all about experimenting within the realms of the palette. From softer, natural auburns to bright oranges and yellows and anything in between, this trend allows for maximum creativity from hair stylists.

The technique is achieved by painting the hair dye on chunky, wider pieces of hair, rather than highlighting. Bold flashes of colour are key and the warmer the tones, the better. To accentuate the colours (and as a shout out to our favourite female character, Hermione), defined curls or waves really bring the look to life.

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Some versions of the look are leaning towards more natural. This fiery mix of colour melts beautifully blends tonal oranges, reds and blondes together to create a sumptuous colour that has us dreaming of sipping warm butterbeer by the fire.

Bringing a little more orange into the look, this colour pops from root to ends. Not auburn, ginger or blonde, this in-between shade can only be described as Butterbeer. The burst of fiery reds at the root quickly blend into bright orange at the crown and levels out into the warm yellows of the magical pub beverage. We can just imagine the Harry Potter fans’ reaction to this enchanted hair colour trend.

The butterbeer trend has not forgotten our love of balayage. A Butterbeer balayage is also hot on the list, as long as the colour is bold and bright, you still get trend points from us.

This is a bold ombre take on the trend. We love the ultra-dark, almost black roots, quickly faded into the brightest of orangey-yellow tones. This look is best on thick hair and made to look even more sumptuous with a gentle Hollywood style curl.

For a more natural look, but still with definite HP vibes, try a softer balayage. Keeping the fringe and crown area natural brunette, the butterbeer colours are brought gradually through the lengths, towards the ends of the hair. Braver than a regular brunette/blonde balayage, but safer than an all over butterbeer look, this could be your entry into this out-there trend.

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not, this is one seriously bold trend to look out for on your Instagram feed. If you feel brave enough to give it a go, make sure you scout through the plethora of inspiration pics on Instagram or Pinterest to make sure you achieve the perfect charmed colour. Maybe even pick up a cloak and broomstick on the way back from the hair salon for complete HP goals.

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