Online Marketing For Your Hair, Beauty or Fitness Business: Brand Personality


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Your brand personality is the human characteristics of your brand—a happy brand, an energetic brand, a no-nonsense brand, an utterly creative brand. Your brand identity, on the other hand, is the manifestation of your brand personality, like your logo, your colour scheme or the tone of voice you use in your blog. You can think of brand personality as the behind scenes end of things, and brand identity as the front end, the stage. Over time a brand will evolve, but figuring out where to start can have you in a bit of a pickle.

Your brand’s authenticity is what can separate you from the rest. What is it that gives your brand an edge?

Have you ever seen an advert then its been stuck in your head all day?

The colour and tone of voice can influence this but most of all your consistency will show your trustability.

Colour Scheme
Colours have a subconscious imprint, the reason a lot of companies use blue is for safety. It’s definitely worth a Google!

My favourite topic! Fonts have their own character, just like a brand, so make sure you pick one that complements it.

Brand Voice
Your brand’s voice starts with you. Projecting the right tone can be tricky but usually what works is what feels comfortable.

Similar to colour… for example, natural organic shapes can portray a comforting and approachable vibe. Whereas circles can represent unity.

Questions to ask when you’re building a brand…

  • How does your brand greet you? Does it give you an enthusiastic or casual greeting? Does it shake your hand, go straight in for a hug or is it verbal only?

  • How does your brand act? Is there a community you can join or create to promote and evolve your brand’s voice?

  • What does your brand talk about? What topics interest your brand? Does it stick to socially acceptable conversations or does it push limits? Does it spend its time teaching or listening?

  • What does your brand wear? Is it dressed for appearances or comfort? What colours does it have? This can provide valuable hints for shaping your visual identity.

A brand can be a reflection of you or it can be its own character. When you are working your dream job and being creative you probably tend to mirror your actual personality into your brand. Being yourself means that spot isn’t already taken!

Instagram video

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