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Black Pearl Hair: The Hair Trend That Proves Muted Tones Are Going To Be Huge This Spring


As we all continue to patiently wait for the spring season to truly kick in (where are you, sunshine!?), Allure reports on a spring trend that is appearing on social media in advance of sunnier climes. Black pearl hair is reflecting the muted weather in its soft and subtle pastel tones, built into a beautifully muted ombre finish.

First coined by Florida-based hairstylist, Neal Malek, the ashy ‘do was created to represent the holographic nature of the natural black pearl or a black opal. Malek achieved this stunning curation of colours by first lightening the hair and then using a specialised toner to neutralise any warmth, hence being able to cultivate this particularly cool, ashy pearl effect.

Using four separate colours; purple and then pastel shades of blue, violet and pink, he then vertically sectioned the hair and coloured, to create the multi-shade final result.

Beware of the bleach

Although this striking hair trend appears darker and more built towards brunettes than some of the other hair trends we’ve seen recently, such as pastel rainbow and pink lemonade, the look still requires a fair amount of bleaching to achieve this pastel finish. Malek did warn about this during his chat with Allure, explaining that the clients entire head needed to be bleached to lighten it enough to achieve the softer, light-pastel shades, occurring throughout the style. Serious advice needs to be taken and listened to when it comes to undertaking a transformation like this; if hair is broken or damaged or even generally weak, it’s unadvisable to completely cover in bleach and further reduce the quality of the hair.

If you’re loving the faded hints of pastel, but are starting on a much darker base, stylists are also creating the black pearl hair look on a much darker brunette scale. For particularly dark hair or hair that is weak or damaged, this could be a fantastic way to enjoy the trend with less long-lasting hair damage. With a deeper and richer overall tone, a similar look is created with touches of purples and gold through the ends of darker hair. The pastels here are richer, but the ombré technique is very similar.

Who can get black pearl hair?

Quite often, trend-led hair colours are created for lighter hued hair, being that many of them are either bright and bold or pastel palettes. However, Malek told Allure that the black pearl hair trend could work best for darker natural hair, as long as clients are prepared to undergo more than one trip to the salon to achieve the brighter ends of the colours. The ashy tones of the pastels work against the warmth that usually surfaces when lightening dark hair, bringing the over palette cooler for the finished effect.

While we all await sunnier climates, this is one trend that is brightening up beauty’s social media sphere, proving that spring is en route, and so is a whole new hair palette to accompany it.

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