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Acid Eyeshadow: The Hottest New Eye Make-Up Trend For Summer


Another day, another amazing Instagram make-up trend to feast our eyes on. Whilst the focus has been on our skin for quite some time now, this trend is reverting to a little 80’s colour glam and we’re not complaining. Acid eyeshadow, as we’re sure you’ve guessed, is all about unnatural splashes of bright, acid, neon colour across the lid.

We saw this look hit the catwalks for Autumn/Winter ’18 at Salvatore Ferragamo and it’s one trend that is starting to pop up a little earlier than anticipated. As in, right now.

The brighter and more slap-dash the application, it seems, the better. There’s no need to be specific on either colour or shape when it comes to this fabulous make-up trend; it’s simply all about fun and making a striking statement with the eyes. Whether you opt for a sweep of bright liner across the lash line or a messy smudge from lash line to brow, this is the look to try this summer.

Keeping skin clear and blemish free appears to be step one with this eye-centric look. Dewy complexions, free from too much contour (hurrah) are back, and lips can stay natural so that all focus is on the colourful lids.

Not quite ready to go for one bold hit of colour across the lid? Try blending bright shades together to create a look that really brings focus to those eyes – just be sure to keep that complexion as natural as possible!

Some artists are bringing multiple neon brights into one make-up look, giving the acid shades a multi-tonal vibe. Taking the colour all the way to the brow is also the way to go when it comes to this trend.

Adding in a little glitter is certainly not a no-no. Keeping the look messy and unfocused is key, but some make-up artists aren’t stopping there. By adding a sprinkling of glitter across the lid, the neon hues are only highlighted and lifted further.

If a smudge of bright acid colour across the eyelid isn’t your vibe, don’t worry. There are a few other variations of the trend making their way around the Instagram world at the moment also. Taking a darker base of graphite grey and blacks, this colourway was produced by crafting a bright line from inner eye to lid in yellows, reds and oranges, finishing in light blue in the inner corner. To form the bright sweep of neon, a white liquid liner was used to create this highlighted, sharp finish and it’s been beautifully tied together with a splash of ultraviolet, for that truly neon effect. It certainly is a nighttime look with a difference.

Whatever you think of Instagram trends, it certainly gets your juices flowing to try out some new and creative make-up applications. For summer, the acid eyeshadow look blends festival-chic with runway glam and we think it’s going to be hit. Pair this make-up trend with slicked back, braided pigtails and you’ll be festival ready in no time at all. Question is, are you brave enough to try acid eyeshadow?

What do you make of acid eyeshadow? A great way to express yourself or just a bit much? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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