A Little Bit Of TLC: Your Beauty Product Must-List For 2017


If you’re in need of a spot of pre-holiday beautifying, desperately seeking a quick-fix treatment for straw-like ends, or simply craving some old-fashioned pampering and preening, don’t wait around for an Easter miracle – these TLC essentials have got you covered. Justified in the knowledge you’re bettering your skin, hair and lips in the process, spoil yourself to some (or all) of our must-have beauty products of the season:

body shop beauty glow mask

Body Shop: “Superfood” Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask

Prone to burdensome breakouts, and especially stubborn blackheads? Fresh from The Body Shops’ latest mask range, this vegan-friendly formula is a God-send for oily/combination skin. Activated charcoal has long been known for its blemish-reducing properties, helping to draw out impurities and absorb harmful micro-particles from our pores. But ever find with a deep cleanse, spot-free comes with its own set of consequences – namely, dry and irritated skin? Helping to prevent this, this infusion of super-hydrating tea tree oil soothes and restores the natural balance of your skin’s PH, making for a flawless, glowing complexion. Superfood for your face, without the calories!

laila london charcoal tooth powder beauty

Laila London: Tooth whitening powder

From banishing blackheads, to pearly whites; the benefits of activated charcoal don’t fall short at skincare. Embrace organic, peroxide-free products, with Laila London’s remineralising dental-care collection. As one of the first companies to use charcoal toothpowders to naturally whiten enamel, they’ve perfected their formula to a T.  It effectively removes any discolouration, freshens breathe and its antibacterial qualities help to prevent gum disease. A tooth whitener that’s easy on enamel, and tough on stains– what could be more TLC than that?

Simply Argan – Haircare

Simply Argan: Haircare

Need a quick spritz for lifeless, lacking hair? Check out Simply Argan’s brand-new colour protect haircare range: blue, red and dark. Infused with pure, 100% naturally derived Argan oils, these specially formulated shampoos replenish dry, brittle hair, whilst working to preserve the intensity of your existing colour – be it dyed or natural. Doubling as a toner and conditioning shampoo, it combines pigment-altering agents with nutrient-rich ingredients to give a little bit of TLC to even the most damaged of locks. But the best thing about Simply Argan products? They never dilute any of their oils, soo you can enjoy oil-rich, without the high-end cost!

Soap & Glory – The Righteous Butter Body Wash

Soap & Glory: The righteous butter body wash

For all those tired of their existing shaving routine, Soap & Glory are mixing it up a little. Presenting their latest body-wash, this 3-in-1 formula acts as an exfoliator, shaving-gel and moisturiser, promising effortlessly silky pins – minus the hassle! Using a combination of essential nut oils and nourishing, Vitamin E rich Shea butter, it offers a truly deep cleanse, whilst also locking in moisture for sensitive, post-shaven legs. Quick and easy, this a must-have for those in need of some super-speedy TLC for their skin.

Benefit Lipstick & Liner – ‘They’re Real! Double the Lip’

Benefit Lipstick & Liner: ‘They’re real! Double the lip’

For all those questioning whether achieving statement lips can really qualify as TLC, with Benefit’s ultra-suave new lip duo, it’s now possible. And whilst the self-styled queen of pout, Kylie, famously admitted to spending forty minutes a day on her lip-care routine, we estimate this may take up a little less of your time. Combining both lip-liner and lipstick, Benefit’s ‘magic wand’ offers luscious, long-wear colour, with a seamless blend and in a semi-matte finish. But what really makes it a season must-have is it’s super hydrating, non-drying formula. Unlike most matte lipsticks, its oil-rich base retains moisture to keep lips soft and supple. And though it may not be the next Vaseline, hydration is an essential part of any TLC lipcare routine – meaning its technically justified. Still unconvinced we’re cheating? Try yours free in a Birchbox today!

What are your beauty product must-haves for 2017? Share your skincare heroes with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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