2017 hair, make-up & nails trend round-up

The 2017 Round-Up: Our Favourite Hair, Make-Up & Nail Trends Of The Past Year


This has been a year of experimental creativity for beauty. With so many fabulous trends sweeping through the industry, we’ve heard about something new and exciting almost every week.

Social media and, in particular, the visual power of Instagram, has enabled newbies and experts alike, to trial and showcase hundreds of make up looks, hairstyles and nail trends, leaving no stone unturned.

It’s been incredibly tricky, but we’ve highlighted some of our very favourite trends that have rocked the beauty world this year. From retro sweets-inspired hair colours to super-shiny skin, here’s ten trends we thought deserved a little more airtime this year.

Neon make-up

Once embraced only by punk rockers and festival goers, neon make-up was the real deal for 2017. We’re talking galactic lip liner, electric liquid eyeliner and making full use of your best and brightest eyeshadow palettes.

Rose gold hair

Rose gold and copper metallics have been a huge trend throughout fashion and interiors in 2017, and the beauty industry did not want to miss out! Rose gold hair, styled into soft, beach waves and usually styled with a balayage effect, has trended across all social platforms in the latter half of this year as the new hair colour for autumn/winter 2017.

Chrome nails

As we edged into the autumn season, chrome nails emerged as a nail fan favourite. Whether it’s graphite grey, copper or gold; this ultra shiny, almost mirrored, nail trend had us all running back to the salon and in desperate need of a new manicure.

Sunset millennial pink hair

Sunset millennial pink hair is the continuation of the ever-so-popular sunset hair of 2015. This year we saw hot magenta, fiery orange and deep purples blending into a rich and vibrant ombre waterfall that was so picture-perfect, it had us dreaming of sipping tequila sunrise cocktails on the beach by sunset. Simply magical.

Glass skin

It’s perhaps bigger in Korea, but the glass skin trend still merited itself a place on our favourites list. Using extra oily and hydrating layers of cosmetics, women are seeking this ultra shiny and completely poreless finish, and it’s hundreds of thousands of hits on Instagram prove its popularity.

Arty eye make-up

Be it mermaid tails sweeping across lids or full unicorn make-up, this year has seen a huge trend of colourful experimentation when it comes to eye make-up. It may not work for a night down the pub, but we can’t get enough of it on our Instagram feeds!

Wavy cropped bobs

This wavy look is one of the more wearable hair trends of the year but it’s still one of the hottest. Made huge by the likes of Alexa Chung and Selena Gomez, this chic, waved and always slightly balayage style has been one of the most sought-after for 2017.

Ombre eyeliner

Seen in shades of more natural nudes and browns, or the bright palettes of 80’s neon, the ombre eye liner trend hit the Instagram beauty feeds hard this winter. Requiring expert precision and the best liquid liners available; this trend might be one best left to your make-up artist.

Sherbet orange hair

Retro sweets have inspired many a hair trend this year but the sugary sweetness of sherbet orange is one not to forget. Vibrant fiery tones of crimson, flowing into blood orange and then into a lighter orange tone at the roots, make this look a real crowd-pleaser if you’re looking to stand out. Never get lost in a crowd again!

Denim nails

One of the year’s most inventive nail trends was that of denim nails. Complete with distressed, ripped jean details and even seam stitches and studs, this nail art requires some serious skill, and definitely proves to us that you can wear double-denim, so long as it’s on your nails.

As we approach the New Year, we can’t help but look back fondly on the highlights of beauty trends this year. Let’s hope 2018 brings even more creativity and style throughout the beauty industry.

What are your favourite trends of 2017 and what do you predict becoming the next big thing on Instagram next year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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